The MAG Lifestyle Development ‘Lovemark’ – more than meets the eye

January 21, 2018

Article 1 of 4: Care, foresight and attention to detail.


As we begin our new journey as MAG Lifestyle Development, we set out with a new emphasis on our customers and a new logo to match. However, there is much more to the new MAG LD brand than just a new look and feel. Our logo is less of a logo, and more of a ‘Lovemark’.

The ‘Lovemark’ concept was first proposed in a book of the same name by Kevin Roberts, CEO of Saatchi & Saatchi, who said:

“’Lovemarks transcend ‘brands’ by surpassing expectations, commanding both respect and love, and redefining the relationships people have with products, services and entities.”

Our new logo, which is inspired by the human eye, is a ‘Lovemark’ because it is designed to reach our customers’ hearts and minds. It captures twelve of our key values: assurance, attention to detail, beauty, care, desire, foresight, focus, fortune, insight, intuition, mystique and vision. I will be exploring each of these values in a series of articles, starting with this one about ‘care’, ‘attention to detail’ and ‘foresight’. In my mind, these three values are highly connected and interdependent, because care is one of MAG’s most important goals, attention to detail is a key method for achieving it, and foresight is what underpins it.

Care is defined as providing what is necessary for the health, welfare and maintenance of someone or something, and even goes beyond that to describe the feeling of being emotionally invested in that endeavour. At MAG, that ‘someone’ is our customer and the ‘something’ is absolutely anything that matters to them. We are emotionally committed to this task because for us, ‘taking care of business’ and ‘taking care of number one’ means caring for our customers.

How do we do this? From the very outset, we invest time in gaining a deep understanding of what our customers will need in their futures as owners of MAG homes. By listening to their life goals and aspirations, we develop an idea of how to help them build the future they want. No dream is too big or small – our customers may want to live a healthier life, find the ideally located home to raise their family, or live in an affordable home that gives them more for their budget. On the other hand, they may simply be dreaming about a future that features landscaped gardens, state-of-the-art facilities and beautifully finished interiors. Whatever it may be, it is our duty to anticipate it and bring it to life. We are in the business of predicting and fulfilling futures, which makes foresight a vital element of our work.


How do we put this customer-centric foresight toward caring for our customers? We pay attention to every single detail to safeguard their best interests, provide them with the lifestyle they desire, and exceed their expectations.

MAG Creek Wellbeing Resort, the region’s first wellness-inspired real estate development, is the result of these three values working in tandem. Our foresight told us two things — that our customers want to live healthier lifestyles and that the global wellness industry is set to grow significantly as a result. Our promise to care for our customers made it clear that we would need to move into the wellness space. Our response is MAG Creek Wellbeing Resort, where every single detail is geared toward enhancing our customers’ physical and mental health, and fulfilling their dreams of a happy and tranquil lifestyle. To achieve this, we have worked in collaboration with Delos, a leading wellness real estate and technology company, to incorporate the best of science, health and technology within the built environment. Based on rigorous scientific and technological research, each villa features a comprehensive series of integrated wellness solutions ranging from dynamic lighting and advanced purification, to an enhanced sleep environment and automated wellness systems. We didn’t stop at the villas; the development is also home to the world’s largest Worldcare Wellness Centre and Wellness Hotel.

This approach can be found across all of our work. We care for our customers by responding to their growing demand for affordable homes with developments like MAG 5, MAG EYE and MAG 230 from our ‘MAG of Value’ subdivision, which bring unprecedented attention to detail to the mid-income market. We believe this demand will continue to grow in the future, and we have positioned ourselves to answer the call.

We also ensure that our customers get the very best in return for choosing to invest with us by carefully researching market needs and building to the highest quality standards in the most promising areas of the city. This ensures that their homes will retain their value and lustre, and care for generations of families.

Our new logo is a symbol of the care, foresight, and attention to detail that underpin every MAG project. Our customers can rest assured that we are looking after them, keeping an eye on their future, and bringing their dreams to life in vivid detail.

As this series continues, I will be delving in to each of the values represented by our new logo, with the next article dedicated to ‘vision’, ‘insights’ and ‘intuition’. I hope you will read along to discover more about what we stand for at MAG Lifestyle Development, and more importantly what it means for you.

– Talal M. AlGaddah is the Chief Executive Officer of MAG Lifestyle Development and CEO Middle East Awards’ ‘Young CEO of the Year’ – 2017.