The existence of alchemy in business

March 30, 2018

Human alchemy is a phenomenon which is as strange as it is powerful. When people meet and realise that their worldviews and ambitions align perfectly, it feels as though any situation can be spun into gold.


Although technology has altered the way we interact in the modern age, human connection is as important as ever – and this remains crucial even in a fast-paced city such as Dubai. That’s why at MAG Lifestyle Development, we continue to approach every day with a keen curiosity – which in turn reaffirms our sense of limitless possibility. We believe that an honest and open approach will always win out in the end – and that when you happen upon an instance of genuine chemistry, this is something to be treasured.


We’re always eager to engage with both local and international entities, both to learn from them and to show them what makes us unique.


To this end, we were delighted when the Syrian Business Council of Dubai paid a recent visit to our offices. It was our pleasure to host the council’s representatives, and to engage in a fascinating discussion with them on the intricacies of the UAE business sector.


During this time, we learnt about the council and its numerous forward-thinking initiatives, which demonstrate its ambitious vision for the future. We also took the opportunity to introduce the representatives to our raft of upcoming projects being developed across the city. These include communities such as MAG EYE in Meydan District and the innovative MAG Creek Wellbeing Resort. In doing so, we demonstrated our aim at cementing ourselves as a market leader within the Dubai real estate sector.


After such a productive session, I would personally like to thank the Syrian Business Council for their time. It was an honour to receive such positive feedback from its representatives, and their optimism underlines that we at MAG LD are heading on the right track for future success. I hope that our shared sense of purpose leads us on a fascinating and unforgettable journey together.

– Talal M. AlGaddah is the Chief Executive Officer of MAG Lifestyle Development and CEO Middle East Awards’ ‘Young CEO of the Year’ – 2017.