Redefining ‘value’ for middle class home seekers

May 14, 2018

Today, I would like to clarify a common misconception that all comes down to our definition of ‘value’, which is a contradictory little word in many ways.

I often hear people using the word ‘value’ to indicate a surprisingly low monetary worth. When an item is far cheaper than expected, whether it’s a piece of clothing, a new phone or even a house, customers frequently describe it as ‘excellent value’.

However, this is not the true meaning of ‘value’ because it neglects that this word is also reserved for people or objects that are held in high esteem and considered of great worth. Valued items are respected and cherished; important and even life enhancing. On top of this, ‘value’ is also about ‘one’s judgement of what is important in life’.

MAG LD is committed to providing its customers with a holistic type of value that draws on all of these meanings; this is the cornerstone of our ongoing mission to provide value homes for mid-income earners in Dubai. The term ‘value homes’ does not describe bargain basement properties where corners have been cut to minimise costs and mislead consumers with ‘too good to be true’ prices.  Instead, it describes homes that give our customers more than they expected for their money, that are built to last for generations and hold their worth, and that offer everything our residents believe is important for them to lead happy and fulfilled lives.

We are here to support the people who are working hard to care for their families, and to help them make their money go further. We are in the business of providing value homes so that everyone may enjoy the pride of owning their own property. According to our research, the middle class was under catered for in Dubai’s real estate market, so we set out to change that at properties like MAG EYE, and MAG 5. With these projects, we are supporting Dubai’s mandate to provide a comfortable life for all its citizens and residents.

At all of these projects, our residents will enjoy contemporary apartments with an abundance of natural light, exceptional amenities including on site swimming pools, state-of-the-art gyms and a range of retail and dining opportunities, and beautifully landscaped surroundings. While enhancing our customers’ lives on a daily basis, these projects have also been strategically designed to accrue value over the years.

MAG 5 is located in Dubai South, which was ranked as the number one location for both villa/townhouse and apartment sale transactions, indicating high popularity in the market. MAG EYE is in a similarly popular location, Mohammed bin Rashid City, which ranked in second place for villa and townhouse transactions, and fifth place in apartment transactions in Dubai. These are sound investment opportunities that will bring our customers value.

At MAG LD, we are redefining ‘value’ by focusing on giving our customers more than they ever thought was possible in return for their investment. This is how we are surpassing the expectations of middle class home seekers.


– Talal M. AlGaddah is the Chief Executive Officer of MAG Lifestyle Development and CEO Middle East Awards’ ‘Young CEO of the Year’ – 2017.