MAG Targets Multi-National and Global Companies with the Launch of New MAG International Alliances Division

January 3, 2018

Strengthening its global presence by providing employees around the world with exclusive discounts on MAG LD properties

MAG Lifestyle Development (MAG LD), the development arm of MAG Group, has announced the launch of its new MAG International Alliances division, which partners with multi-national and global companies to provide their staff with exclusive discounts on MAG LD properties. MAG LD is the first property developer in the region to launch such a division, which aims to generate new clientele for the company and strengthen its relationship with leading organisations in the UAE, the GCC and beyond.

Talal Moafaq Al Gaddah, CEO of MAG Lifestyle Development, commented: “At MAG we are always searching for new ways to boost our presence in the global real estate market while also exceeding our customer’s expectations. Our new MAG International Alliances division furthers both objectives; it will create new opportunities for our company and help clients and employees from other international companies to unlock a new lifestyle as owners of MAG properties. Our attractive discounts have been designed to attract new investors to the UAE in line with our leadership’s vision for sustainable growth in the real estate sector.”

MAG International Alliances has already created partnerships with top GCC organisations across the aviation, banking, healthcare and education sectors, and is also forming agreements with governmental entities. MAG LD aims to roll out the new division across Asia, Europe and the USA within the next 12 months to stake its position on the global real estate map and give an ever-wider audience of buyers the opportunity to own properties at MAG.

Talal Moafaq Al Gaddah added: “By tapping into international audiences and supporting them to make investments in Dubai, we hope to distinguish ourselves from our competitors and drive strong sales even in challenging market conditions. This reflects our commitment to growing and adapting to thrive in the high-pressure and increasingly globalised real estate industry. MAG International Alliances will also bring value for money to global and local multi-national companies by offering them exclusive deals on MAG LD’s properties – a strategy that is underpinned by our mission to exceed our customer’s expectations and drive the growth of Dubai’s real estate market with new investment.”

MAG LD has earned its reputation as one of the most innovative developers in the Middle East by launching new real estate concepts and divisions that cater directly to market needs, including MAG of Value, MAG of Life, and now MAG International Alliances. The company’s award-winning success is underpinned by its wider mission to fuel the UAE’s real estate market and economy with a new wave of investors from both inside and outside of the country – an endeavour that will be enhanced by the new division.