MAG Rebrands its Property Development Division

December 14, 2017

‘MAG Lifestyle Development’ officially launched with a priority on building customer-centric and lifestyle-inspired concepts

MAG PD, the property development division of the MAG Group, has today rebranded itself as MAG Lifestyle Development as part of the evolution of the company’s long-term strategic vision and roadmap for the future. The strategic rebrand focuses MAG Lifestyle Development on building environments that enhance the lifestyles of residents.

Talal Al Gaddah, CEO of MAG Lifestyle Development, commented: “The cornerstone of our work has always been based on marked passion, ambitious ingenuity and genuine integrity. The new ‘lifestyle development’ brand expresses these foundations, and demonstrates our commitment to be a future-shaping, customer-centric lifestyle development company that is always surpassing expectations. Within the context of a rebrand, MAG Lifestyle Development is sending a clear message that the future of MAG is beyond brick-and-mortar; instead, the future centres on creating unique lifestyle concepts.”

Since its inception, MAG has steadily built a reputation for uncompromising quality, led by the overarching vision of the Chairman and Founder of the MAG Group Moafaq Al Gaddah. With more than eight projects completed in Dubai, the company has earned its reputation as the provider of innovative, one-of-a-kind developments that deliver on customer needs and desires.  

Al Gaddah added: “The lifestyle development element of our brand is a natural evolution of our company, as we have always placed a priority on the lifestyles of our customers. In line with his, we are distinguishing ourselves from the noise of countless other developers with a new company slogan that is at heart a compelling promise to our customers: expect more.”

MAG is putting ‘lifestyle development’ into action with a series of ambitious projects that are geared toward enhancing human lives. MAG Creek Wellbeing Resort, the region’s first wellness-inspired real estate, is a case in point. The landscaped master development has been designed in partnership with Delos™, a leading wellness real estate and technology company, to provide residents with a holistic and healthy lifestyle by integrating the best of science, health and technology within the built environment. Other projects like MAG 5, MAG EYE and MAG 230 are also improving lives by opening up new opportunities for mid-income earners in the residential market.

Accompanying MAG’s revamped brand image is a distinctive new logo inspired by the human eye, a culturally rich symbol which captures the intuition, vision, foresight, attention to detail and beauty that drive the company and characterise its award-winning developments.

Talal Al Gaddah, CEO of MAG Lifestyle Development, concluded: “We have a clear vision for the future and our strategy has been put in place to support our customer’s lives and surpass their expectations. With this, we are proud to be leading the move toward a more customer-centric philosophy in the real estate sector. By placing our customers at the heart of our vision, we are ensuring that our company will continue to thrive in the competitive real estate market, now with a bold brand image that reflects our strong proposition.”