About MAG Lifestyle Development

MAG Lifestyle Development is part of the Moafaq Ahmad Al Gaddah (MAG) Group – a multinational conglomerate based in the UAE. With a 40 year old legacy, MAG Group is one of the largest corporations in the region, maintaining a highly prominent position of leadership among its peers, across the real estate, contracting, engineering, industrial and commercial trading, freight services, and hospitality sectors. Today MAG Lifestyle Development’s interests range from pioneering affordable housing initiatives and high-end luxury developments to bringing wellness-focused living to the UAE.

Our Philosophy

Our conviction at MAG Lifestyle Development is to be at the forefront of the region’s property and lifestyle industry through our dedication to the Group’s corporate philosophy of continuous innovation. By employing only the highest of standards and adhering to MAG Group’s code of ethics that base its business practices on honesty and integrity, we aim to be the leader in the lifestyle development sector.
As we continue to create offerings that span across every lifestyle segment, we have only one promise that we make to you – to exceed your expectations beyond what was previously thought possible.
Whenever you feel that MAG has given you the best for your needs, EXPECT MORE.

MAG Lifestyle Development

Our mindset determines where we find ourselves in life. We were brought together at MAG Lifestyle Development by one common trait: our insatiable appetite for more. it shows in everything we do, our attitude, our culture, and our image. More is what keeps us up at night and what we work for every morning.

It is our calling, our mantra, and our way of life. It’s an extraordinary mindset that is unyielding, never-ending, and never-settling for mediocre. It keeps our minds open to bold thinking that shatters normality with why-nots, what-ifs, and where-next.

We are the curious minds, the disruptors, and the game-changers of the world who dream more than others think is practical, care more than others think is realistic, and dare more than others think is safe, so we can give more to the world and promise to exceed your expectations beyond what others thought was possible.


We are an agile brand, constantly on the lookout for new opportunities, pioneering innovative concepts and always ready for what our customers desire, whenever and wherever that may be.


We strive to be a future shaping, customer centric lifestyle development company that is always surpassing expectations.

Our Chairman’s Message

I believe that success belongs to those who dare to dream first, then set a plan and finally work on realizing this plan and its objectives. Since the beginning in 1978, we have been enriching ourselves by expanding on and improving our essential values: straightforwardness, integrity, creativity and innovation – all of which go hand-in-hand with expertise and quality. MAG Property Development has now been relaunched as MAG Lifestyle Development – with a new brand identity and a compelling new promise to our customers: Expect More.

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Our CEO’s Message

“Welcome to the MAG Family”

In 2003, we embarked on the journey to change the status quo of the property industry. Shifting our focus from simply developing spaces for living in, to spaces that promote a better lifestyle, we are now MAG Lifestyle Development. We create spaces for you to build your homes. With innovation and continuous improvement, we promise to surpass your expectations, every single time.

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Our dedicated team of experts are constantly innovating ways in which we can offer you more for your needs and happiness.

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Our Legacy

Established in 2003, we are now MAG Lifestyle Development. We have grown from building spaces to simply live in, to spaces that cater to your lifestyle and comfort needs. Our developments today span from luxury high-rise residential towers and vast multi-billion dollar communities, to bringing innovative real estate projects with the region’s first wellness-focused development.

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