The MAG Lifestyle Development ‘Lovemark’ – more than meets the eye

April 14, 2018

Article 3 of 4: Fortune, Assurance and Focus


At MAG Lifestyle Development (MAG LD), ‘fortune’ does not mean relying on luck or chance; instead, it means proactively bringing good fortune into our customers’ lives to make them the masters of their own fate and the builders of their own prosperity. When our customers look back on discovering MAG LD and purchasing their first home with us, we want them to remember it as the greatest opportunity they ever seized, as well as an experience that has surpassed their expectations ever since.


This is the ‘good fortune’ that we bring to our customers. Far from just a stroke of luck or a happy coincidence, it is a big break based on ultimate assurance built through MAG LD’s relentless focus on customer needs and desires.


Creating a ‘big break’ like this depends on assessing exactly what our customers need, and then bringing it to life in vivid detail to give them complete confidence in what we can offer them. Each individual and family has different needs and desires, but many of them are looking for all or a combination of the factors below:


High returns on investment and growing property values

A strategically located property for both work and play

Life-enhancing facilities for the whole family

Meticulous finishing and inspired design throughout

Real estate concepts that enrich their ways of life

Lasting quality that can be passed down generations

Convenient payment plans and unit prices for all budgets

Exceptional customer service throughout the purchasing process and beyond

How do we achieve all of this to take our customers beyond the realm of luck and into a world of total assurance?


  1. DETAILED RESEARCH: Through in-depth research of market trends, we position our developments solely in Dubai’s best locations for investment potential, convenience, connectivity and demand, offering our customers the ideal place to live in all respects.


  1. CUSTOMER-CENTRIC DESIGN: Our designs are based entirely on their idea of what a dream home is, from interiors and landscaping, to facilities and security, which we gauge through social media outreach and face-to-face encounters with our customers.


  1. WORKING WITH THE BEST: By working with the top contractors, architects, designers, and sales teams in the region, we guarantee top quality, flawless structures, beautiful spaces and leading customer service.


  1. EXCLUSIVE PRICES: We understand our customers’ financial obligations and we cater to them by providing convenient payment plans and exceptional prices on a variety of MAG LD projects, as well as exclusive offers through our ‘MAG Alliances’ division.


By focusing entirely on fulfilling our customers’ needs and desires, we bring them good fortune that they can count on and believe in with full assurance.

– Talal M. AlGaddah is the Chief Executive Officer of MAG Lifestyle Development and CEO Middle East Awards’ ‘Young CEO of the Year’ – 2017.