MAG Group Donates AED 3.3 Million to Support Sandooq Al Watan

February 20, 2018

Moafaq Al Gaddah, MAG Group Chairman: The private sector must show support for initiatives that seek to empower young people.


Sandooq Al Watan, a national initiative launched by prominent Emirati businessmen to support research projects for the post-oil era, has received AED 3.3 million in donations from the Moafaq Al Gaddah (MAG) Group — a Dubai-based multinational conglomerate with activities in real estate, contracting and engineering, industrial and commercial trading, freight services, and hospitality.

MAG Group’s Chairman Moafaq Al Gaddah commented: “MAG Group firmly believes that the private sector has a major role to play in sustainable and comprehensive development. The sector must show support for initiatives that seek to empower young people and create the right environment for them to pursue education and acquire the diverse skills they need to join development efforts in their countries.”

“Sandooq Al Watan is a pioneering initiative that embraces the vision of the UAE’s leadership to build a diversified and sustainable economy. Our support aligns with the objectives of this national initiative, which offers the private sector a platform to affect positive change and support the community’s development,” Moafaq added. “We at MAG Group reaffirm our commitment to actively supporting community development and capacity building, as well as our keenness to forge fruitful and impactful partnerships with all stakeholders.”

Sandooq Al Watan’s Board of Directors applauded businessmen in the UAE for their genuine support and enthusiasm for helping the Fund to achieve its strategic objectives, stating: “These contributions are a clear embodiment of the unity and cohesion between the different segments of UAE society, which work together to benefit the general public, support development efforts, and build a prosperous future for future generations.”

Sandooq Al Watan is an initiative by the UAE’s business sector to give back to the community and contribute to nation-building development projects. The Fund seeks to source investments and community contributions to support sustainable development and invest in human capital, heeding the UAE leadership’s call to prepare for the post-oil era and cement the country’s position among the world’s most innovative countries.