CEO Speaks

The UAE Property Market: My Humble Point of view.

November 3, 2017

Anyone working in the UAE property market can see that the sector has reached maturity and that sustainable growth is being achieved. The question now is how to remain on this upward trajectory? It is an endeavour that will require developers to go beyond just constructing buildings. The UAE’s top developers are not simply building […]

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Disruption Is The New Normal

October 25, 2017

‘The greatest invention’ is an obsolete term in the world of real-estate development, as the latest innovation that is considered to be ground-breaking is eventually overtaken by another by the time the project is completed. Yet it is vital to keep innovating, and envision the future to build the new normal.  Architectural designs, building materials, […]

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Ultimately, it is the human touch that breathes life into brick and mortar.

September 25, 2017

As developers we envision, we plan, we create – we build houses for homes, spaces for memories to be born and designs for inspired living. In light of Dubai’s vision, and reputation for being the favoured destination for real estate investment – it is the customer centric plans that are key for growth. Customer focus […]

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