CEO Speaks

They say home is where the heart is…

January 13, 2018

…my heart says let us build homes that make this true for every MAG Lifestyle Development resident. Let’s say you wish to narrate the story of your life. Where would you begin? Which points would you highlight and where would you finish? Many of you would normally start with your hometowns, describing your earliest memories […]

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Looking back at 2017. Looking forward to 2018

January 6, 2018

It is fitting that during the UAE’s Year of Giving 2017, which placed a priority on not just thinking about others but also proactively bettering their lives, the real estate industry became more customer-centric than it has ever been before. The customer has always been right and our developments have always been designed to cater […]

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Lessons from my father, to my son

December 29, 2017

There was a young boy sitting in the back of a classroom. Although his eyes were on his notebook and his pencil was in his hand, his mind was far away because his dream was starting to take shape. In his notebook, he drew his initials before ‘Group of Companies’, and encircled his first ‘logo’ […]

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As far as the eye can see – and beyond

December 16, 2017

MAG Property Development has now been relaunched as MAG Lifestyle Development…with a new brand identity and a compelling new promise to our customers: Expect More. With an entirely rethought brand image and philosophy, we are excited to be introducing our unique ‘lifestyle development’ concept to the real estate sector for the first time. I would […]

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