CEO Speaks

The existence of alchemy in business

March 30, 2018

Human alchemy is a phenomenon which is as strange as it is powerful. When people meet and realise that their worldviews and ambitions align perfectly, it feels as though any situation can be spun into gold.   Although technology has altered the way we interact in the modern age, human connection is as important as […]

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Two heads are better than one

March 24, 2018

Why partnerships are still the foundation of the business world   In 1963, two boys met in a high-school gym class. Following 14 years of friendship, during which they developed a shared passion for food, the pair took a correspondence course in ice-cream making in 1977. The next year, they opened their first ice cream […]

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In Dubai, you are always expected to do more

February 24, 2018

There was once a boy who was raised by the desert. The desert taught him how to thrive in harsh conditions and face extreme heat with resilience. It showed him the true meaning of heritage and instilled him with a deep love and respect for the past, making him a master of traditional Arabic poetry, […]

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How do you stay at the top of the ladder?

February 17, 2018

I’d like you to conduct a 10 second experiment with me. Please take out your phone, open your gallery, take a glance at how many photos you have taken, and simply post the number below this article. I’m interested to tally up the results, because what you have just recorded is your contribution to the […]

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