CEO Speaks

“Ladies and gentlemen, Dubai wins.”

June 4, 2018

These words that revealed Dubai as the winner of the bid for Expo 2020 have been immortalized in the pages of history, and have paved the path for an economic uprisal in a region that is quickly advancing to become one of the cornerstones of the world. This was not accomplished due to a trend. […]

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Investing in lifestyle leads to happiness

May 19, 2018

“In today’s dynamic and disruptive environment, success belongs to those who shape the future by being constantly adaptive, nimble and willing to take risks in search of new opportunities, whereas prosperity belongs to those who selflessly promise and deliver.” When MAG PD was rebranded last year as MAG Lifestyle Development, it wasn’t in pursuit of […]

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Redefining ‘value’ for middle class home seekers

May 14, 2018

Today, I would like to clarify a common misconception that all comes down to our definition of ‘value’, which is a contradictory little word in many ways. I often hear people using the word ‘value’ to indicate a surprisingly low monetary worth. When an item is far cheaper than expected, whether it’s a piece of […]

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Believe your eyes at MAG EYE

May 6, 2018

What if you could pay just AED 1,638 per month to forever transform your lifestyle for the better? To be clear, this new and improved lifestyle is not just for you; it is also for your loved ones. It will place you all at the beating heart of Dubai, bring everything you need to your […]

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