Corporate Social Responsibility

As we develop homes, it is very important to keep note of the fact that every developer also develops communities – not only of the brick and mortar kind but as hubs of human civilisation. Corporate Social Responsibility then becomes a cause, rather than a mandatory. Ever since its inception, MAG Lifestyle Development has been committed to being a responsible corporate citizen. Across all the communities in which we operate, our approach to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is driven by the need to act responsibly in everything we do. Embedded in our DNA is the desire to give back to our communities in ways that makes a long-term difference.

Our approach to CSR is wide-ranging, so that we can make a significant and positive impact on society, and is founded on a deep-rooted commitment to ethical standards, sustainability, and supporting the UAE government’s vision for responsibility. This is in keeping with the commitment of the MAG group, which donated AED 25 million to ‘Dubai Cares’ for the well-being of children in poor countries around the world and the countries they call home. As stated by our chairman, “Children should help in rebuilding the most basic social unit – their families – as a precursor to contributing to economic and social development.” Aligned to this mission, MAG Lifestyle Development’s CSR initiatives take a 360-degree approach, ensuring that our responsibility solutions are for the benefit of our customers, investors, communities and most importantly – the future generation.

The Philosophy

Our social responsibility philosophy encompasses the following:

  • Community Development, Health & Humanitarian Campaigns
  • Education and Youth Advancement
  • Environmental Stewardship

In addition to the formal and official campaigns we advocate, we make it a point to educate and allow our individual employees to practice these concepts and apply them in their daily lives. This way, we believe they are not only shaped into becoming better individuals, but they are also instilled with a sense of continuity towards their own families and individual communities. This, for us at MAG Group, is the most honest definition of social responsibility

Community Development
Health & Humanitarian Efforts

MAG Group constantly strives to create a better society by seeking ways to empower individuals, giving them the necessary skills and knowledge so they can improve their own community. The Group also allocates funds to give each community the necessary means to achieve a sense of wellbeing through religious and cultural conversation.

Above all, MAG Group believes that every person is responsible for the welfare of others, and that lending a helping hand to those in need is not just a mere choice, but a duty we must act upon. We take advantage of our unique position in the Middle East by doing our part in providing the necessary assistance and support to those who are displaced by conflict, especially the most vulnerable – our women and children. In this way, we are able to bring smiles to those who need them the most.

Some of our initiatives include:

  • Support and Donation to the Dubai Cares Program
  • Ummrah Campaign for handicapped groups in the UAE
  • Support in the development of “Fiqqah Al Sunnah’’ literature of the Albanian Centre
  • Sponsorship for orphans in the Al Falah Association in Palestine
  • Food and Clothing donation to the Al Falah Association in Palestine
  • Support for the Quran memorisation initiative in Mosul, Iraq
  • Support and donation to the Fujairah Cultural Association
  • Support and donation to the Al Thiqa Handicapped Club in Dubai
  • Support and donation to the Sharjah Ladies Club “Salam ya Sigar”
  • Support and donations to the Red Crescent Society
  • Donation to the Jassim Association – Syria
  • Support for the Hifz Al Ni’ama Food Caravan Campaign – Syria

Educational & Youth Advancement

At MAG Group we are firm believers that education plays an important role in the creation of a more progressive world, and that education is not just a privilege for the chosen few but should be made available to all, regardless of status or background.

MAG Group also understands the crucial roles we play in the development of our children in order for them to be active, productive and useful members of society. MAG Group fulfils its duty by constantly supporting campaigns that aim to promote these ideals and realisations.  

Some of our initiatives include:

  • Support and donation to Al Fatih Islamic University
  • Support and donation to Tomorrow Hope Association for the continued education of students in Hungary

Environmental Stewardship

With the growing concern about the effects of business activities on the environment, we at MAG Group carefully take into consideration how we can minimise our impact on the world we live in, from the creation of simple, office- centric campaigns to the sponsorship of causes that promote environmental sustainability.

We believe that we are all caretakers of our planet and that we are merely passing it on to the next generation. It is therefore important for us to align our business activates with this philosophy. We continuously look for ways to improve our processes and practices in order to achieve these ideals. Ultimately, part of our long-term strategy is to have businesses and projects that combine economic progress with an emphasis on ecological viability.  

A case in point is MAG Royal Solutions. Recent research shows that over 50% of traffic in large cities is simply driving around the road searching for empty, convenient parking spaces, thus increasing the rate of pollution. However, with automated parking technology:

  • Carbon emissions are reduced to zero since car engines are switched off once inside the facility, thereby also saving thousands of gallons of petrol.
  • Less electricity is required due the reduced lighting and ventilation requirements.
  • Contrary to popular belief, less power is consumed for parking and retrieving the car, as consumption is restricted to the movement of the machine. Therefore, if the machine is not moving, there is no power consumption, as opposed to conventional parking methods.

The same philosophy applies to MAG Lubricants in its quest for sustainable development, as it reduces the impact on the environment through the process of manufacturing, distribution, usage and disposal of our products. We continually seek new technologies to reduce gas emissions within our operations, and to ensure that each step is structured in an energy-efficient manner.