"I believe that success belongs to those who dare to dream first."

I believe that success belongs to those who dare to dream first, then set a plan and finally work on realising this plan and its objectives. Since the beginning in 1978, we have been enriching ourselves by expanding on and improving our essential values: straightforwardness, integrity, creativity and innovation – all of which go hand-in-hand with expertise and quality. MAG Property Development has now been relaunched as MAG Lifestyle Development – with a new brand identity and a compelling new promise to our customers: Expect More.

With an entirely rethought brand image and philosophy, we are excited to be introducing our unique ‘lifestyle development’ concept to the real estate sector for the first time. I would like to explore what this means to us at MAG LD, because it is the product of our pursuit of ‘more’, which is what keeps us up at night and what we work for every morning.

Our vision is to be a future-shaping, customer-centric lifestyle development company that is always surpassing expectations, which we will achieve by delivering on our mission to be an agile brand, constantly on the lookout for new opportunities, pioneering innovative concepts and always ready for what our customers desire, whenever and wherever that may be. We will pursue our vision and mission with the marked passion, ambitious ingenuity and genuine integrity that have always been the cornerstones of our work.

Here, I recall a saying of famed philosopher Eric Hoffer: “In a time of drastic change, it is the learners who inherit the future.”

It is precisely for this reason that we strive to be receptive to all opinions and ideas, and to accept new concepts with an open mind; driven by enthusiasm and determination to achieve what may seem to be impossible targets.