Why Dubai

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Equidistant from every corner of the world, from the highest mountains and the farthest shores, Dubai is the centre that connects the world together. True to its place on the map, it’s also a cultural melting pot, with expats from more than 200 countries forming more than 90% of its population.
Adorned by the natural wonders of the desert and the pristine beaches, the sun shines upon this majestic city 365 days a year. Proud of its rich Arab heritage, the city is known for the luxurious lifestyle that it promote.

Additionally, with easy business regulations, safe environment, stable economy and tax-free system, Dubai enjoys its reputation as one of the world’s most favourite destinations.

Benefits of Investing in Dubai

Strategically Located
Sitting at the heart of the world, Dubai is easily accessible from every continent in a matter of hours. Moreover, it gives you easy access to every emerging market and growing economy across the world.

Highly Liquid Property Market

  • Gives some of the highest rentals in the world
  • Strong capital appreciation
  • Easily accessible finance options
  • Tax free gains

Ease of Setting up Business

The world’s largest free zone gives multiple benefits to companies, such as complete foreign ownership, complete repatriation of capital and gains, exemption from import duties and freedom from corporate taxation.

Open Economic and Regulatory System

Dubai has been attracting much of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), thanks to its open economic policies, minimal government control and private sector regulation.

Advanced Infrastructure

Dubai’s vision and commitment to heavily invest in its industrial, telecommunications and transport infrastructure make it an appealing destination for international businesses.

Stable Currency

The value of the UAE Dirham has enjoyed the balance and growth that has come with being pegged to the US Dollar, which has also led to the stability of the import and export trade.

Facts About Dubai